QUESTION-MARK  Is Sponge on the run part of a franchisee?
A:  No, Sponge on the run is a family business that has grown rapidly in the last 15 years.
QUESTION-MARK  Do you wear a uniform?
A:  Yes.  All our guys and girls wear a orange sponge shirt and are all trained in the field of cleaning.
QUESTION-MARK  Who owns Sponge On The Run?
A:  Anthony & Monica own Sponge On The Run and have been in business on the Gold Coast for 15 years.
A:  Anthony has been in the Royal Australian Navy for over 10years & Monica in Hospitality Management for over 10 years
and their continuous process of learning and pursuit of solutions for detailing perfection that makes a product worthy of being offered to you.
QUESTION-MARK  Do you have business insurance?
A:  Yes. We have public liability insurance.
QUESTION-MARK  Do you clean French Louvers & Pool fence glass?
A:  Yes We have the latest technologies in the field of window cleaning by the use of a  “WFP” ( Water Fed Poles ). If it’s glass we clean it!
QUESTION-MARK  Can you remove Hard Water Damage?
A:  Yes 99% of the time on Balustrades and shower screens and just about anything that has has a glass attached to it!
QUESTION-MARK  Pricing On Jobs
A:  Pricing is based on approximate estimates for panel windows. The extra cost will come if you have louvers as they take longer to clean and same for colonial & french glass. Years of experience in all types of jobs usually means we are close with our costing