20151120_154643                                         WHY CHOOSE US?

We appreciate that there are other window cleaning companies you could choose from. What we offer that the other companies cannot is.

 Our knowledge of window cleaning, as their are so many different types of window panels around you don’t want to look at clean glass with scratches  in them.

• The long term relationship that we have with all of our clients on the Gold Coast.

• Purified Window Cleaning is also known as “Water Fed Pole” or  WFP Window Cleaning for short. This is a modern method of window cleaning. no detergents are used to wash and rinse the windows, frames and window sills.

•  Sponge on the run  also use the Traditional Window Cleaning Method.

We carry a $ 10,000,000 public liability insurance

• We clean your tracks, frames, fly & security screens

• Our goal is to provide a friendly, stress free, reliable and economical way of cleaning your windows. From residential to commercial. With Health & Safety in mind with low-rise buildings we can maintain a professional clean without leaving the ground. This will kept your costs Down.

More on this style of cleaning you can read in our blog.

Our costs for subsequent regular maintenance cleans is often less as the hardest work is always the first clean


Basic Window Cleaning Package

From: $80.00 - $150.00

Our basic package start with 2 -3 Bedroom apartments / multi story townhouses / small home. Windows only inside & outside, Screens removed and cleaned and frames exterior only and rubbers cleaned. All with our purify Water Fed Poles and our traditional window cleaning method. This package also includes FREE pool windows cleaned

Sponge Package

From $150.00 - $240.00

Our Sponge package is for your 4 bedroom single level / multi story townhouse / multi story home. Windows inside & outside, frames exterior and rubbers cleaned. Fly screens removed and cleaned,. All with our purify Water Fed Poles and our traditional Window cleaning method. This package also includes FREE Pool window panels cleaned

The Sponge Ultimate Package

From $250 - $ 650 plus

The Ultimate Package is for our 4 - 5 -6 bedroom multi story large waterfront, beach, country homes Windows cleaned inside & outside, frames exterior and interior cleaned, fly screens removed and cleaned. All with our purify Water Fed Poles and our traditional Window cleaning method This package also includes Free Pool window cleaning and salt removal from frames.

Extra Cleaning

With All Our Packages you can add extra jobs to suit your needs
. Interior tracks cleaned & Vacuum standard three bedroom home From $25.00
. Solar panels cleaned with purity water (Improves Energy output & Efficiency). Cost for standard 18 bank $80.00
. Pre- soak and soft wash of eaves and gutters with I-destroy for mould removal. $80.00
. High pressure clean of cobwebs from eaves and awnings and gutters. Standard 3 B/R home $95.00
. Hard water removal shower screens stage one only $85.00
. Hard water removal window panel Cost for standard 2 bank $50.00
. Pressure cleaning driveways, pathways, side paths, exterior house Hourly rate $125.00
All Prices incude GST. We Are Fully Insured
Only exterior

If you have any enquiries regarding any of our services don’t hesitate to give us a call or simply just send us a message using below form.

PH:0413 739 641