31 May 2016

Common Mistakes Made By Non-Professional Window Cleaners

Spotting On The Windows

Due to a couple of reasons – the water has not been purifed properly and some impurities – usually a mineral has been left in the water. Though the water can be pure and still have spotting if the cleaning process isn’t done right.

A Poor Clean

A poor clean in general can happen for a number of reasons. Though the most common being that they simply don’t know what technique gives a good clean, or they are trying to get the job done too quickly. The wrong brush, dirty equipment, poorly maintained equipment, being tight with resin or RO membranes are all other problems that can give a poor clean generally.

Beliving That WFP Is All That Is Needed

A water fed pole is an excellent cleaning too in the right hands, but it is not the answer to every window cleaning problem. Though I use water fed poles myself for the majority of my cleaning, I also carry a large supply of hand tools and other cleaning products. There will often be marks on windows that will not easily be removed with a water fed pole. Having the right tool for the job, and knowing how to use it is imperitive.