21 May 2014

Solar Panel Cleaning Service


Solar Panel Cleaning Improves Energy Output & Efficiency


Is solar panel cleaning really necessary? Yes, if you want to keep up the best output from your solar panels, and thus get the best value for money, and faster return on your investment. We provide a Low Cost, Effective Solar Panel Cleaning Service Just like your windows, solar panels get dirty from the general grime in the air, minerals and salts in the rain water, bird droppings, spiders webs etc. These all cut down on the level of sun that gets through to your solar panels, and they need to be cleaned off. . We use a proven, solar panel cleaning system that is gentle on solar panels yet effective at removing the dirt and grime that cuts down the sun’s rays going to the elements in your solar panels.
Solar Panel Cleaning Recommended by Experts
The manufacturer of your solar panels probably recommended that they be kept clean. You will also find some respectable technology websites and environmental websites that all recommend that you clean your solar panels, either yourself, by a solar panel cleaning ‘robot’ or a solar panel cleaning service such as Sponge on the Run can offer. Solar panels get dirty, just like glass windows, but when your solar panels get dirty, they produce less electricity. Cleaning them remedies this situation – thus it is recommended to get them cleaned regularly.
Solar Panel cleaning by us or By Yourself.
Sponge on the run offers the service for home and small companies. Though, we will travel further afield for bigger jobs. You can clean solar panels yourself, just look up YouTube or some of the technology or environmental websites to get details on how to do it. Just be sure not to use any chemicals or other products that may damage the panels – there are some ‘questionable’ methods suggested online. Or, you can have them cleaned professionally by us.