28 August 2014

Tenders & Contract Window Cleaning – Solar Panel Cleaning & Gutter Cleaning

Are you looking for a commercial contract window cleaner? Do you have a window cleaning contract up for renewal? Let me know about it and I can supply a tender. Depending on the size of the contract, I can tender for any contract window cleaning  job anywhere in the Gold Coast, Brisbane region or Tweed area

I am happy to look at any work in this area – large or small. If you have a single building maybe a showroom, shop, shopping centre, office block, a factory etc. Then this is probably going to be in, or close to my normal working area. If you are not sure, just ask for a tender anyway. I will look at any work outside of this area.

Anything that will take at least one full working day for one window cleaner is deemed as a ‘larger job’. Smaller jobs are anything less than that, even if it is just one small shop front.